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Yvette Gray (Reporter)

Lyndsay Buchanan is an amazing fitness leader who inspires and motivates. I have been doing boot camps with her three times a week for almost a year and am impressed with the results. My fitness and strength have improved so much that I was able to run in my first ever half marathon last year! Each session is different which is what makes it fun and challenging. Lyndsay goes above and beyond to help us achieve our fitness and health goals, which is what makes her stand out from the rest.

Lauren Allan

After finally booking my dream holiday,  I wanted to get fit and healthy before I took off. I had three months.....
Joining LBfitness and training with Lyndsay has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done! Lyndsay got me to my goal weight, had me feeling motivated and inspired, taught me new ways to get fit, and training quickly became something I was, and still am, excited about week after week.
Lyndsay helped me lose 8kgs from when I first started and have kept most of it off (apart from a little holiday splurge which we are currently working on!) as she keeps the training varied, new and always challenging. 

Would highly recommend Lb fitness to anyone who wants to get fit whilst having fun :-) 

Mele IV

I couldn't see my self seeing another trainer. The knowledge and thought that goes into each session at LB Fitness are amazing.

Each session is different and is tailored to me. I leave knowing I have done a workout.  Go to LB fitness and see Lyndsay. You will not regret it and your body will never be the same again.

Lisa M. Oakleigh

I've been training at LBFitness for 18 months. I enjoy training at LBFitness because Lyndsay has created a private, well equipped, clean, welcoming workout studio. I have not done the same workout twice and each workout is tailored for me & my goals. This variety along with the support, energy & enthusiasm from Lyndsay helps to keep my training consistent but exciting & challenging.

Sarah Park

Hi Lyndsay, 

I just wanted to write to you to say thank you for making my workouts really fun but also rewarding.

Even though I've only been attending for the past 2 months I can really see a difference in my physic and I LOVE IT!!

t's also great knowing that every time I come there will always be a different work out which makes it exciting and not boring.

So thank you again for making my exercise fun!!! I look forward to seeing both our hard work pay off!!

Marcella, 20, Clayton

I've been training with Lyndsay for 12 months now and she is amazing. I'm a 20-year-old full-time uni student and absolutely love training. She trains a verity of people, is welcoming to everyone and trains everyone according to their ability. Lyndsay gets to know each and every one of her clients to ensure their workouts perfect for their fitness level. The studio training is perfect for summer and winter. I've seen a difference in my body in the past year, I'm much stronger, fitter, healthier and happier and have also made some friends. 

AND! training is different every session, keeps it interesting, with boot camps, personal training, Metafit and kettle training, don't even need the gym! She is also very affordable! 

Thanks Lyndsay! You're the best! 

Adam Torpy

I have trained with Lyndsay for the past 2 years. I started off as a lot of guys going to the gym and then having a membership and paying for something I never used, as I was getting bored at the gym. So I started with the outdoor boot camps. At $15 a go and absolutely no contract, you can't go wrong! They are a fun way to train and always something different so you won't get bored.

I also do personal training with Lyndsay and I have found my strength speed and flexibility have improved immensely.

Lyndsay is very knowledgeable, the trainings are always different, she has never missed or been late to a session and she has a great sense of humour!


Lyndsay has been my personal trainer for over 7 years now and I have never felt stronger or healthier. The fitness results that I have achieved are due to Lyndsay’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, her extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to ensuring that I am pushed to my limits. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! When I got engaged one of the first people I told was Lyndsay because I knew that with her training me I was going to be the fittest and healthiest bride I could be and I wasn’t wrong. I was able to walk down the aisle with a complete feeling of satisfaction knowing that I looked exactly how I had imagined in my dress and it was all due to Lyndsay supporting me and pushing to achieve my goals. I continue to train with Lyndsay because I want to keep on pushing myself and get stronger and healthier.


I have and would recommend Lyndsay to anyone wanting to get stronger, fitter and healthier!


I have been doing on-line training with Lyndsay for the past 6 months and my results are fantastic!! Lyndsay contacts me at the begining and end of the week without fail. I never feel like I have to hassel her as she is always there for me my programs are fun and challenging and they change every 6 weeks. If your looking for a online coach look no further.

Youn Song

It's fun fun fun and challenging!!! I was forced to join by my friend but now I look forward to every session!

Elly Pelawi Buchanan

Explosive power. That was the sole aim for starting Metafit training with LB Fitness. Lyndsay from LB Fitness has implemented a program that compliments my training fro Full Tackle Rugby League to improve speed, strength and agility. Through Metafit training, my body is being trained to optimize the hardcore input in as little time for the biggest and lasting rewards and results.

Nadia Buontempo Iuliano

I started boot camp with Lyndsay in 2012. When I signed up for boot camp I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I found was a fun and supportive group of people and various challenges that ensured you never got bored or slacked off!

Lyndsay is a very professional instructor and made sure that everyone was catered for and encouraged.

If you're looking for a personal trainer or group sessions, give Lyndsay a call.

Lisa Preradovic

I have been training with Lyndsay for a couple of years now and when I started I could barely make it through a bike session! Since then I have beat my personal best km run time and felt the best I have in a long time. Lyndsay's workouts are never the same and she has an amazing ability to work around injuries. Thank you, Lyndsay!

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